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What My Clients Say



I started working with Steve in 2012. I was 19% body fat and we reduced it to 9% body fat. Excited about prepping for my first show, I overdid it and sprained my lateral meniscus eliminating me from competing for two years. During this time, I became depressed, frustrated, and considered quitting many times. Steve was relentless about sticking with me and pushing me through my lowest point (mentally and emotionally). He continued to stay on my back about doing the plan 100% and trusting the process. We agreed that we will give it our all and put me on the stage finally. I had to learn how to follow through and not allow any distractions to throw me off course. When I cut off all distractions and committed myself 100% we reached our goal! Hitting the stage for the first time at the 2017 Tricky Jackson Classic in the best condition of my life, I won 1st place 40+ Masters and the next week I won 1st place Novice Middleweight at the 2017 Kentucky Muscle. This is just the beginning for me and Steve, to me it was all worth it and I would do it over again! 2018 here we come!!! Thank you for being a great coach and even a better friend!

Robert Byrd

First Place, Novice Middleweight Bodybuilding
2017 NPC Kentucky Muscle

First Place, Masters Bodybuilding 40+
2017 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic