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What My Clients Say




I’ve always been an active individual, but with all I had going on in my life I couldn’t figure out how to achieve my fitness goals. January 2013, I decided to bite the bullet and seek out a personal trainer. I had no idea how this decision would change my life. With the knowledge of my trainer and my hard work and dedication I was able to drop from over 180 lbs to 150 lbs in 3 months. I then hit a plateau and couldn’t lose any more weight.

At the time, my trainer was beginning her competition prep season so I decided to join her in hopes to break the plateau and do something new and fun. To my dismay the plateau remained. We decided as a group to work with a nutrition coach and this is when I met Steve Weingarten. I was impressed with all the knowledge and patience he possessed. With his nutrition plan and workout tips I was able to step on stage at the November 2013 KY Muscle at 139 lbs, placing 10 out of 27 in the Open Figure division.

After my first show I had to take 9 months off from training for bilateral foot surgery. Steve was there for me through my down time, providing me with an extended offseason plan. When I was back on my feet Steve and I took off running. He provided the roadmap of nutrition and workout and I did the work. I went from top 10 in 2013 to placing 2nd in Figure Open, 3rd in Figure Master's, and 4th in Figure Novice at the 2015 Derby KY Muscle. I then went on to place 1st in Figure Novice and 2nd in Figure Open at the Louisville KY Natural OCB show in June 2015. My proudest moment was at the 10/31/2015 First Annual KY NPC Natural show in Covington, KY where I placed 1st in Figure Open Class E, 1st in Figure Master’s Class C, and Overall in the Figure Master’s division. My last show of the year was the November 2015 KY Muscle where I placed in the top 10 at 7th place. I would have never been able to reach these heights without the expertise of my coach, Steve Weingarten.

Not only do I have one of the best trainers in the business, I have made an awesome and true friend. Steve is kind and patient, but will honestly tell you where you are and what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

If you are serious about your health and fitness and wanting to take it to the next level, Steve Weingarten is your man! I’m proud to be a part of team Weingarten. Ripping it, Rocking it, Repping it as I add detail to my physique and grow stronger in life. Thanks Steve…..upward bound to higher heights!

Danya Trowel

Overall Masters Figure Champion and First Place Master’s Figure Class C
First Place Open Figure Class E
2015 NPC Kentucky Natural Bodybuilding Championships

First Place Novice Figure
2015 OCB Natural Kentucky Championships