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What My Clients Say



Steve helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams: to compete in a bodybuilding event. I’ve lifted weights for a quarter of a century, always trying but never reaching a level at which I could compete. About 3 years ago, I had Steve measure my body fat and asked his opinion about whether I could be competitive. He didn’t hesitate when he said “no,” that I just wasn’t big enough. At 150 pounds and 11% BF, that didn’t surprise me, and so I decided to be content with not being competition material.

In February, I called Steve to do some basic benchmark measurements and help me pose for some photos, just for my personal records, at age 49. I dieted pretty hard for several weeks before the benchmark because I wanted to look as good as I could.

As Steve took my measurements and helped me pose, he caught me completely off guard when said I should compete in the then-upcoming NPC Derby Championships. I hadn’t even asked, and I probably would not have believed him, except that he had been honest with me a few years back when he said I shouldn’t compete.

I trusted his judgment and decided to compete in classic physique. Steve arranged a program where he would (a) continue to measure my BF; (b) help me learn how to pose, present myself, and maneuver the competition itself; and (c) advise lightly on my diet. It was a very affordable program and tailored to just what I needed.?During the six weeks of contest prep, my body fat went from 8% to near 5%.

I was competitive in the show, just as Steve had said I would be. In fact, I won my class in Novice, finished 2nd in Masters (+35), and finished 3rd in my class in Open! At 49, I could hardly believe it! Shortly afterward, Steve suggested I participate in a natural (i.e., tested) contest and pointed me towards the National Gym Association (NGA) Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships show in October. In this show, I placed 1st in Masters and 2nd in Open. The 2nd place Open finish qualified me for a pro card, so I am now an NGA Natural Pro in Classic Physique.

I can’t tell you how great this entire experience has been for me. I achieved something I never thought I would, long after I had given up on it. Thanks, Steve, for making it possible!

Christopher R. Graves
NGA Natural Pro Classic Physique Competitor

First Place, Novice Classic Physique
2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Classic Physique
2017 NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships