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What My Clients Say



Rob Miller Steve Weingarten Louisville Personal Trainer
After lifting weights for more than 30 years, I was in a state of disappointment. Yes I was strong, but you sure couldn't tell it. I had listened to all the free "gym advice" and nothing seemed to work as far as getting rid of the fat covering up muscle I'd worked so long to acquire. My wife, a seasoned and successful bodybuilder, suggested that I get a trainer. She suggested Steve, given his past success as a bodybuilder and his years as a trainer.

I hired Steve to get me in some kind of decent shape. I found him very knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and a no-pressure type of trainer. He tweaked my workout plan and completely changed my diet. Those were the two missing links!! He monitored my weight on a weekly basis and calculated my body fat about every three weeks. Those two things held me accountable to both Steve and myself. No cheating with the meals and no skipping cardio because the scales and calipers would give me away. Using Steve's program and with his guidance I lost 40 lbs and reduced my body fat from over 28% to 8%!!!

As I prepared for the 2014 NPC Derby Classic Championship Physique Masters in April, Steve guided me through the entire process. I knew nothing about how to prepare, how to pose, or what to expect on-stage, but Steve had answers to all my questions. I think he must have a crystal ball because all his predictions came to pass.

I had resisted spending money on a trainer for years thinking what could they possibly know that I already hadn't heard at the gym or read in a magazine. I was mistaken. Hiring Steve was a definite positive return on my investment as the photographs clearly show. His rates are very reasonable and I feel as if I got more than I paid for. If you are serious about your physique and your health, I highly recommend Steve as someone who can change your life in a positive way. I'm living proof that even at 57, it's never too late to achieve one's goals.

Rob Miller
First Place, Master’s Men’s Physique 45+
2014 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships