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What My Clients Say


Misha Tsozik Ky Fitness coach client

Working with Steve removed a lot of the mystery and guesswork around dieting to change my body. I learned how to apply clean nutrition to achieve my goals of competing in a show, and then used his guidance and knowledge to come back and win 1st place in a national qualifying show in only my second time stepping on stage! He uses a clean and trustworthy approach to build your metabolism and achieve a lean body in an industry that can have a lot of unhealthy and unsafe pitfalls, and I can say that I will use everything he has taught me not only in my future competition diets, but for the rest of my life to help maintain the results of all of the hard work that went into sculpting my body into "stage-ready" shape!

Misha Tsozik, LMT
First Place, Open Bikini Class B
2014 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships