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What My Contest Coaching Clients Say


I have been working with Steve since the beginning of 2012. We actually competed against each other in 2005 at the Kentucky Muscle. Our first year working together he made me an overall winner in my weight class and a State champion. The following year I did my first national show and I placed second in the men's middleweight class at Junior Nationals. I'm glad I hired a coach who cares about me and my dreams. Its been a long journey but we finally did it. Five years after we started working together I became an IFBB PRO. People are so quick to switch coaches when they don't get their desired results. What they don't realize is, it takes time to learn how somebody responds to a plan. Steve came up with a solid game plan for me and we trusted the process. Im excited to continue my journey with Steve as a new IFBB pro.

Kevin Johnson

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Third Place, Pro Classic Physique
2018 IFBB Chicago Pro

Second Place, Lightheavyweight Class
2017 NPC Nationals

Overall Champion and Light-Heavyweight Class Winner
2012 NPC Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships

Vernon Ervin

I have known Steve for over 20 years. We started talking about working together 4 years ago but I could never nail down the appropriate time. When I decided to do the Master's National's this year, I had very high expectations (to win my class in the 40 and 50 and over). I didn't realize the amount of food or water I would have intake on a daily basis (I was miserable). Nor was I truly sold on Steve's methods in the beginning. But I must say there is a reason they call him the mad scientist. In 10 weeks, we dropped down to 4.5% body fat, down from 8.6%. We actually grew into the show my actual measurements were larger than when I started and I only did cardio for 3 weeks. The rest is history: Not only did I win my class, I won the OVERALL and received my IFBB PRO card. I am now working with Steve (for the first time for off season prep) to put on 12 lbs. for my pro debut next year. Thanks Steve for your patience and ensuring that I was part of the process you made this a true partnership and I will NEVER use another prep coach!!! Client for life!!

Vernon Ervin
IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Overall Champion Classic Physique 50+
First Place Classic Physique 50+A
2018 NPC Masters Nationals

Kezia Mullen

Since having Steve Weingarten as my coach, I’ve seen tremendous results. Steve’s meal plan and workouts helped me lose a total of 20 pounds of fat! Steve helped me bring my very best package to date and I won Open Figure Overall at the Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding show October 2018. If it wasn’t for Steve, I’m not sure if I would have ever stepped back on stage. Steve was/is attentive to my needs and made sure that I stayed healthy during my preps due to my illness (multiple sclerosis). He was very patient with me and listened to my feedback. He isn’t just my coach, he is my mentor and friend. He encouraged me throughout my prep and was very transparent when I needed it. He cared for my well-being. At the end of the day, he is the epitome of great coaching!

Kezia Mullen
Overall Open Figure Champion
First Place Open Figure Class D
2018 NPC Kentucky Muscle


When I first met Steve I honestly didn't know if I ever wanted to compete. I was terrified of anyone even seeing me outside of my baggy hoodies and even bigger sweat pants. I was even more terrified for Steve to look at me for the first time.. I imagined him saying I was uncoachable or too far gone.. Instead, I was told with proper discipline and consistency he could and would make me into a powerhouse Women's Physique competitor. I just shook my head and smiled, not believing a damn word he said. Steve believed in me and my potential more than I believed in myself.

Fast forward two years later to 2018... 3 competitions in and 2 Overall titles and national qualifications in women's physique. I'm officially a champion! Steve kept his word to me and I kept my word to him… I would give him my all and he would never give up on me. I have no idea what the future has in store for me but with how things have gone thus far I foresee a Women’s Physique Division pro card coming our way. I'm utterly grateful to Steve and the amount of hard work he has not only put into building my body, but my mind as well. I went from feeling like a nobody to realizing I'm going to be a major contender in this sport.

Jodie Engle

Overall Champion and First Place Class B, Open Women’s Physique
2018 Midwest Battle Of Champions

Overall Champion and First Place Class B, Open Women’s Physique
2018 Indiana Muscle

Chadd Tyler

I started working with Steve back in May of 2018 after running into him at my wife's figure competition. He had reached out to me about competing in the Kentucky Open and after a few days to think it over, I agreed. I had entered into a 16-week prep starting at 12% body fat and ended at that show at 5.8%, taking 1st in Open Light Heavy Weight Bodybuilding, 1st and Overall in Novice Heavy Weight Bodybuilding at my very first show!? Having taken 2nd in my overall open division, I knew I wasn't done yet and could get even better and decided to continue my prep for the Kentucky Muscle in October. Steve and I worked harder to get my body fat into the mid 4% range, brought my legs in more, and was able to get myself a lot tighter and dryer at this show, as we knew the competition was going to be bigger. All the hard work we put into my added 9 week prep paid off, I ended up taking first place in the Open Light Heavy Weight class and I am still in shock that I took Overall Bodybuilding winner at the Kentucky Muscle.

I owe a BIG thank you to Steve. He saw something in me that I didn't really see in myself and he helped me reach the goals I set in place. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish in the 2019 season, starting with Master's Nationals in July.

Chadd Tyler

Overall Open Bodybuilding Champion
First Place Lightheavyweight Class
2018 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Novice Bodybuilding Champion
First Place Open Lightheavyweight Class
First Place Novice Heavyweight Class
2018 NPC Kentucky Open Bodybuilding Championships


I would like to thank Steve for all his help in making my first season as a figure competitor a huge success! The meal and workout plans were very specific to the goals I had in mind. Steve stayed in contact with me every step of the way and was always there to answer any questions or concerns I had.

Debra Benedict
Overall Champion, Open Figure
Overall Champion, Masters Figure
Overall Champion, Novice Figure
2017 NPC Midwestern States Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Champion, Open Figure
Overall Champion, Masters Figure
2017 NPC Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Champion, Masters Figure
First Place, Open Figure Class A
2017 NPC Hoosier Flex

Tyrone Burroughs

I had always been a gym rat but was just staying fit and going through the motions. Who would have thought at the age of 47 that I would be interested in getting into a physique competition? I had no clue of what to do and what it really took to get into the condition required to excel on stage. I met Steve in August of 2015 and told him that my goal was to compete in my first physique competition. I hoped I would be ready to compete in a show in 2015 but Steve knew that I wasn’t ready. When you are anxious those are the things that you do not want to hear. I continued to follow the plan that he laid out for me. I was seeing results from the plan, and when it was time to tweak it he did. He kept me progressing by introducing carb cycling, and adjusting my cardio as needed. Steve was able to get me in the shape that I needed to be in to not only to get on stage but also to win.

Tyrone Burroughs
NGA Professional Masters Physique Competitor

First Place, Heavyweight Physique
2017 NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 35+
First Place, Novice Men’s Physique
Second Place, Open Men’s Physique Class B
2016 NPC Natural Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 35 +
First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 45+
2016 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 35 +
2016 NPC Kentucky State Bodybuilding Championships


Seeking a coach for my first competition, Steve came highly recommended. I made the 3.5-hour drive to meet him and left more informed and excited to begin working towards my goal. Steve was very professional and knowledgeable. He spent time inquiring about and listening to what I hoped to achieve. Then he designed a meal plan and training program specifically for my goals. Steve assured me if I ever questioned the plan, he would be happy to provide the reasoning for his recommendations.

Throughout the process, he kept his word and promptly answered numerous questions without complaint. Despite hearing about other competitors eating and training much differently from myself, I trusted Steve and adhered strictly to our plan. I traveled several times to Louisville for in person progress assessments, but most everything else was easily accomplished from a distance. Through our partnership, I began to see not just physical improvement, but personal growth and development as well. Steve was encouraging when I needed it, but always honest when it came to what to expect on competition day.

After 9 months of working with Steve, I was fortunate to win both my height class and the overall award for my division. It was an incredible journey and wonderful sense of accomplishment. I appreciate Steve's investment in me and look forward to his continued guidance in future competitions.

Lora Jarvis
Overall Winner and First Place Class A, Masters Bikini 35+
2017 Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships


I was in search of a good coach to help with my prep when a friend recommended Steve. After meeting with Steve, I felt confident I had found a good coach by the questions he would ask to understand what my goals for the show were and what exactly I was trying to accomplish. Through my contest prep, there was a time when my body stopped responding to our plan. I stopped dropping weight and my energy level plummeted. Steve closely monitored me for the next few days and found a solution. Within the second day of changing my meal plan around, I starting regaining my energy and started dropping weight again.

My goal for the show was to come in first place in my weight class for novice and open. Well, thanks to Steve and his guidance I was able to achieve my goal. I couldn’t have been more please with the outcome. Not only do I have a life long coach, I also have a life long friend.

Neal Miller

First Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
Best Conditioned Athlete
2018 NPC Tricky Jackson Bodybuilding Classic

First Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
2018 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Novice Bodybuilding Winner
First Place, Lightweight Bodybuilding
First Place, Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding
2017 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships


Steve helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams: to compete in a bodybuilding event. I’ve lifted weights for a quarter of a century, always trying but never reaching a level at which I could compete. About 3 years ago, I had Steve measure my body fat and asked his opinion about whether I could be competitive. He didn’t hesitate when he said “no,” that I just wasn’t big enough. At 150 pounds and 11% BF, that didn’t surprise me, and so I decided to be content with not being competition material.

In February, I called Steve to do some basic benchmark measurements and help me pose for some photos, just for my personal records, at age 49. I dieted pretty hard for several weeks before the benchmark because I wanted to look as good as I could.

As Steve took my measurements and helped me pose, he caught me completely off guard when said I should compete in the then-upcoming NPC Derby Championships. I hadn’t even asked, and I probably would not have believed him, except that he had been honest with me a few years back when he said I shouldn’t compete.

I trusted his judgment and decided to compete in classic physique. Steve arranged a program where he would (a) continue to measure my BF; (b) help me learn how to pose, present myself, and maneuver the competition itself; and (c) advise lightly on my diet. It was a very affordable program and tailored to just what I needed.?During the six weeks of contest prep, my body fat went from 8% to near 5%.

I was competitive in the show, just as Steve had said I would be. In fact, I won my class in Novice, finished 2nd in Masters (+35), and finished 3rd in my class in Open! At 49, I could hardly believe it! Shortly afterward, Steve suggested I participate in a natural (i.e., tested) contest and pointed me towards the National Gym Association (NGA) Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships show in October. In this show, I placed 1st in Masters and 2nd in Open. The 2nd place Open finish qualified me for a pro card, so I am now an NGA Natural Pro in Classic Physique.

I can’t tell you how great this entire experience has been for me. I achieved something I never thought I would, long after I had given up on it. Thanks, Steve, for making it possible!

Christopher R. Graves
NGA Natural Pro Classic Physique Competitor

First Place, Novice Classic Physique
2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Classic Physique
2017 NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships


This year I competed in my first two shows, Kentucky Natural and Kentucky Muscle. Having never competed before, I was beyond lost on how to prepare. Fortunately, a couple months prior to my first show I was introduced to Steve Weingarten.

Steve was able to assess my physique and come up with a diet/training regime to optimize what little time I had before my first show. He put me on a trial diet to determine how my body would respond to different carb/water ratios. He adjusted my training to include a new cardio program and tweaked my lifting program. He customized my peak week diet timing my peak perfectly. Steve was able to maximize my body’s potential allowing me to walk on stage with the utmost confidence.

His unrivaled expertise and easy-going nature makes him an amazing coach and trainer. I am looking forward to seeing how Steve’s guidance shapes me for this next season!

Eric Slover

Overall Winner and First Place Class F, Open Men’s Physique
Overall Winner and First Place Class C, Masters Men’s Physique
2015 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Winner and First Place Class C, Open Men’s Physique
Overall Winner Men’s Masters Physique
Overall Winner Men’s Novice Physique
Overall Winner Men’s True Novice Physique
2015 NPC Natural Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships


I had been working out on my own for a few years and had achieved some results. I decided to compete in April 2015 at the Derby competition and hired Steve to coach me through the process. The nutrition plan and workout routine that Steve provided for me really gave me great results and changed my body dramatically. I lost 20 pounds and over 10% body fat. His coaching really made the process simple! Steve's calm, confident demeanor and straightforward, no-gimmicks meal plans are the only way to go in my opinion!

I competed in my first competition in April and placed second in the Masters division. I continued my offseason with Steve and competed for the second and third time in October 2015. I took first place in both competitions in the 35+ Masters division, third place in novice, and fifth place in overall.

I really enjoyed the process of competing and Steve made it super simple and fun. I put my faith in Steve and I was rewarded at the competitions for my efforts!

I will use Steve in the future for my off-season and the next time that I compete!

Paula Catt

Overall Champion and First Place Masters Figure 40+ B
First Place, Masters Figure 35+ Class B
2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Figure 35+ Class B
2015 NPC Natural Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Figure 35+ Class B
2015 NPC Tricky Jackson Bodybuilding Classic


I started working with Steve in 2012. I was 19% body fat and we reduced it to 9% body fat. Excited about prepping for my first show, I overdid it and sprained my lateral meniscus eliminating me from competing for two years. During this time, I became depressed, frustrated, and considered quitting many times. Steve was relentless about sticking with me and pushing me through my lowest point (mentally and emotionally). He continued to stay on my back about doing the plan 100% and trusting the process. We agreed that we will give it our all and put me on the stage finally. I had to learn how to follow through and not allow any distractions to throw me off course. When I cut off all distractions and committed myself 100% we reached our goal! Hitting the stage for the first time at the 2017 Tricky Jackson Classic in the best condition of my life, I won 1st place 40+ Masters and the next week I won 1st place Novice Middleweight at the 2017 Kentucky Muscle. This is just the beginning for me and Steve, to me it was all worth it and I would do it over again! 2018 here we come!!! Thank you for being a great coach and even a better friend!

Robert Byrd

First Place, Novice Middleweight Bodybuilding
2017 NPC Kentucky Muscle

First Place, Masters Bodybuilding 40+
2017 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic


Patrick Mahoney KyFitness Coach Competition Coach
I am an NPC Men’s Physique competitor and I started working with Steve to prepare for my first competition. Steve was great at easing my nerves and worries about stepping on stage for the first time. He is extremely attentive and will do what ever it takes to make sure you have the best chance of succeeding.

The changes he made to my physique in just a few short weeks were amazing. Steve manipulated my diet allowing me to not only get way leaner, I actually put on more size in my last 4 weeks! Steve also worked with me on my posing and stage presence. This allowed me to step on stage confident I could display my physique in the best way possible.

With Steve's help I won first place at the 2012 Tricky Jackson Classic and then the following weekend I won 1st place in my height class and the overall Men's Physique Champion at the 2012 KY Muscle.

I will definitely be working with Steve again because I know he will help me bring my best possible physique to the stage.

Patrick Mahoney
Overall Champion, Men's Physique
2012 NPC Kentucky Muscle

Judge Love

When people ask my honest opinion about Steve as a coach I can only say one thing: passionate. He holds a strong passion for the sport and a willingness to help each client reach their goal. During my prep he was always one text, call, or email away to ensure that my prep was going smoothly. We were able to cut weight from 216 to 188.6 with a body fat in the high 6% to 7% range, earning me a 5th place class finish in my first show in April and improving to a 1st place finish in October.

Judge Love

First Place, Open Men’s Physique Class C
2016 NPC Kentucky Muscle



I’ve always been an active individual, but with all I had going on in my life I couldn’t figure out how to achieve my fitness goals. January 2013, I decided to bite the bullet and seek out a personal trainer. I had no idea how this decision would change my life. With the knowledge of my trainer and my hard work and dedication I was able to drop from over 180 lbs to 150 lbs in 3 months. I then hit a plateau and couldn’t lose any more weight.

At the time, my trainer was beginning her competition prep season so I decided to join her in hopes to break the plateau and do something new and fun. To my dismay the plateau remained. We decided as a group to work with a nutrition coach and this is when I met Steve Weingarten. I was impressed with all the knowledge and patience he possessed. With his nutrition plan and workout tips I was able to step on stage at the November 2013 KY Muscle at 139 lbs, placing 10 out of 27 in the Open Figure division.

After my first show I had to take 9 months off from training for bilateral foot surgery. Steve was there for me through my down time, providing me with an extended offseason plan. When I was back on my feet Steve and I took off running. He provided the roadmap of nutrition and workout and I did the work. I went from top 10 in 2013 to placing 2nd in Figure Open, 3rd in Figure Master's, and 4th in Figure Novice at the 2015 Derby KY Muscle. I then went on to place 1st in Figure Novice and 2nd in Figure Open at the Louisville KY Natural OCB show in June 2015. My proudest moment was at the 10/31/2015 First Annual KY NPC Natural show in Covington, KY where I placed 1st in Figure Open Class E, 1st in Figure Master’s Class C, and Overall in the Figure Master’s division. My last show of the year was the November 2015 KY Muscle where I placed in the top 10 at 7th place. I would have never been able to reach these heights without the expertise of my coach, Steve Weingarten.

Not only do I have one of the best trainers in the business, I have made an awesome and true friend. Steve is kind and patient, but will honestly tell you where you are and what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

If you are serious about your health and fitness and wanting to take it to the next level, Steve Weingarten is your man! I’m proud to be a part of team Weingarten. Ripping it, Rocking it, Repping it as I add detail to my physique and grow stronger in life. Thanks Steve…..upward bound to higher heights!

Danya Trowel

Overall Masters Figure Champion and First Place Master’s Figure Class C
First Place Open Figure Class E
2015 NPC Kentucky Natural Bodybuilding Championships

First Place Novice Figure
2015 OCB Natural Kentucky Championships

Steve McKnight

After extensively reviewing a ton of prep coaches, I reached out to Steve to help me with nutrition and posing after I decided to compete in a bodybuilding show.

In simple terms, Steve built a nutrition plan that worked. Almost immediately the number on the scale started to drop and continued to drop throughout the program in a steady and measured rate. When I initially thought about going on a contest prep nutrition plan, I was worried that I would be starving the entire time and miserable. However, with Steve’s plan I was never hungry.

Steve also helped me with posing. After attending a couple of posing clinics, Steve helped me fine tune my posing and walked me through the entire process of stage presentation. Steve was able to build my confidence through his guidance and coaching so that when I stepped on stage I felt completely prepared.

Working with Steve made the contest prep easier and less stressful, and most importantly, successful.

Stephen McKnight

First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 35+ Class B
First Place, Masters Men’s Physique 45+
2016 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Championship


Jenny Wax Steve Weingarten Louisville Personal Trainer

I started working with Steve in August of 2013. I was looking to become more competitive after my second NPC show where I placed 5th. My body, however, seemed to be hanging on to more fat than usual and I was having trouble putting on muscle.

Steve encouraged me to take some time off from competing so that I could have a real off-season to give my physique the time it needed to change and grow. He also explained my metabolism was at a standstill from not eating enough food. After almost nine months with a nutrition plan (that included more food than I’ve ever eaten in my life) and a revamped exercise program, I ended up adding several pounds of muscle as well as losing over 8% body fat. This has made a noticeable difference in my overall physique. While my ultimate goal is to do what I love, which is push myself in the gym, I have also come to love the discipline it takes to stick with a nutrition plan. Additionally, I want to continue to place higher in competitions.

In my first show after hiring Steve, I ended up with two, third-place trophies—one for each division I entered. In my second show after working with Steve, I won First Place!

I highly recommend working with Steve towards fitness-related goals. He’s extremely knowledgeable, attentive, an excellent resource to know in the fitness/health field and an all-around great person!

Jenny Wax

Fourth Place, Masters Bikini 40+ Class A
2016 NPC North American Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Masters Bikini 35+ Class A
Second Place, Open Bikini Class A
2014 NPC Kentucky Muscle


I first met Steve in Feb of 2015 for competition training. I have over 20 years experience teaching fitness. However I had never competed before. Steve led me every step of the way. He provided a meal plan that immediately helped me drop body fat. Steve advised me on workouts, directed me to the right connections for posing, suit advice, and all aspects of NPC information.

Steve's approach is very calm and nothing drastic.

In my first year I placed 2nd in Masters 50+, 5th in 40+ at the NPC Kentucky Derby Show, went to Masters Nationals and won 1st place Masters 50+ the Kentucky Muscle 2015 show.

I have truly had a “Winning with Weingarten” experience.

Roxanne Kimbell

Overall Champion and First Place Masters Bikini 50+ Class A
2017 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships

First Place Masters Bikini 50+
2015 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships



October of 2009 I stepped off the stage in St. Louis after competing in what I expected to be my final body building competition. It had been a great few years of competing but I had just turned 35 and I thought it was time to move on. After all, things were changing so fast in my life with three children growing and them keeping our lives in constant change.

Fast forward to 2014, when I got this question from my little girl while we were eating one night. Out of the blue she asks, “Daddy, will you compete again for me? I never got to see you compete”. I had given up competing but I had stayed faithful to my training. As I looked down at her, how could I say no? I told her I would, but only if we did it as a team. I was now faced with trying to dig up diet and nutrition information from 5 years ago. I had always been my own nutrition coach and was always stage-ready when the time came. But this time was different. I wanted to be the best I’ve ever been, to reach a new level. I wanted to win for the little 10 year old girl that I couldn’t resist saying no to.

I decided to hire a nutrition coach. I had done great with my own diets, but I wanted to have the expertise this time of someone that would get me to that next level. I found Steve Weingarten online and made an appointment to meet with him. I honestly did not know what I was about to get myself into. I am a natural bodybuilder and have used this as a platform to teach my children about drugs, but I honestly was concerned. If I hire a coach will he respect my ways or will he put me on some crazy diet and supplement program that I would not be comfortable with After my first meeting with Steve, my worries went away. He was so respectful to my wishes and made me feel comfortable as we talked about our plan of attack. Steve lined out a very clear and precise meal plan. He left no guesswork; it was laid out so clearly, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, etc...

As the weeks and months went on Steve was always there to answer my questions, make adjustments, meet with me in person and calm my nerves if I thought I wasn’t on track. It honestly was the most livable competition diet I had ever been on. My wife agreed, she even told me that I was much easier to get along with during this prep. Each week my little girl would help me prepare and pack the meals Steve had lined out. She was a great help and I enjoyed it so much doing this with her and now the time had finally come. As I stepped on that stage I hit my poses with the most perfection I had ever done and that credit goes to Steve for all his help working with me on my poses. As that night ended I was left with one more thing to complete this journey and that was to present my little girl, two sons and wife with the trophies that we had won together. Thank you Steve, you made this journey a huge success and it would not have been possible without your expertise, knowledge and one-on-one attention! This journey’s not over either; I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Mark Cecil

First Place Open
First Place Mr. Kentucky
First Place Masters 40+
First Place Mr. Kentucky Masters40+
NANBF Northeast/Southwest Classic
IFPA Pro Qualifier
Mr. & Mrs. Kentucky State Show

Misha Tsozik Ky Fitness coach client

Working with Steve removed a lot of the mystery and guesswork around dieting to change my body. I learned how to apply clean nutrition to achieve my goals of competing in a show, and then used his guidance and knowledge to come back and win 1st place in a national qualifying show in only my second time stepping on stage! He uses a clean and trustworthy approach to build your metabolism and achieve a lean body in an industry that can have a lot of unhealthy and unsafe pitfalls, and I can say that I will use everything he has taught me not only in my future competition diets, but for the rest of my life to help maintain the results of all of the hard work that went into sculpting my body into "stage-ready" shape!

Misha Tsozik, LMT
First Place, Open Bikini Class B
2014 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships


Autumn Cleveland KyFitness Coach Competition Coach
I had originally hired Steve in 2010 to work with me for the Kentucky Muscle. He introduced me to new training methods for a few months of my off-season, and he really impressed me with his knowledge when it came time to get into competition condition. We communicated a lot via email, but we met in person often to do body fat assessments and to discuss the plan in detail.

In 2012, I decided to try doing my own competition prep, but it was because of everything that Steve had taught me that I was successful that year. I learned so much from him when we worked together previously and he still gave me advice and suggestions to help me do my best, even while I was experimenting on my own. I had a great year of competing, and won my height class in the Open Figure at the Northern Kentucky Championships (2012) then continued to NPC Nationals (2012).

Now, with some experience under my belt, I have chosen Steve again to guide me to my absolute best package this year for the 2014 Kentucky Derby Festival Championships and then Junior USA's. For the last 4 years, Steve has been my trainer, my coach, my mentor, and I consider him a guru in this sport. I chose him as my coach because he is professional, realistic, and honest. Steve also constantly stays on top of current research pertaining to exercise science and competition prep methods.

One of the most important things I notice with Steve, is that he does not just hand out the same protocol to his athletes. He understands that individuals have different needs and he tailors their prep down to a "T." He also uses great judgment when it might be time to "break the rules" or try a different approach and he does it with confidence. I have always felt that no matter what my goal is at the time, that he actually takes the time and energy to figure out what works for ME.

Even more important, he respects that I am a natural athlete and doesn't push shortcuts or "enhancements." Steve has never steered me wrong and I am honored to have learned so much from such an intelligent person in this sport. I know that teaming up with him is one of the smartest thing I could do for myself, as an athlete, and I can't wait to see what happens in the future!

Autumn Cleveland
Fourth Place, Class B, Figure
2015 NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championships


I met Steve in August of 2014 to start my prep for the Tricky Jackson Classic and KY Muscle for teenage bodybuilding. Being only 19 I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn't know how to diet or prep, and I needed someone to be a mentor and help me through it all. I definitely got that and more with Steve.

I went from being 220 lbs. 10% body fat to a shredded 195 lbs. 4.5% body fat. There were times throughout the prep where I need guidance, not just with the diet/prep but a mental boost and Steve was there every single time I was getting down on myself. I can honestly give most of the credit to Steve for my placings in my shows. I went on to get 1st in Teenage at the Tricky Jackson Classic and 1st in Teenage and 6th in a 30-person Novice Heavyweight class at the KY Muscle.

I would've never thought I would ever look like this and definitely would've never thought I could be real competition against older competitors in the novice class. If you’re truly looking for a change with not only your body but your life then Steve is honestly the person for you!

Justin McDaniel

First Place, Teenage Bodybuilding
2014 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

First Place, Teenage Bodybuilding
2014 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic Bodybuilding Championships


Will Smith KyFitness Coach Competition Coach

Before meeting Steve I was a weightlifter. After working with Steve I became a bodybuilder. I wanted to compete in my first bodybuilding show and I elicited Steve's help in order to do so. He worked with me on every facet along the way. Planning of the diet, the workouts, how much cardio to do, my posing, my routine were all areas in which he coached me.

He made me realize my full potential along the way. For this I am eternally grateful. Not only was I prepared for the show, I won first place in the middleweight novice category and took overall novice as well. The entire experience was a positive one indeed.

Will Smith
Overall Novice Winner and First Place Novice Middleweight
2008 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships


Tim McClellan Steve Weingarten Louisville Personal Trainer
I had always thought about doing a physique competition, but never felt that confident to actually go after it.

Finally I said that I was going to do it. Six weeks away from the competition I was introduced to Steve. He said we had a short time to prepare but I could still do the show because of the shape I was already in. That was great to hear and I felt I finally had the missing piece.

Being a little skeptical, I wasn't sure how my body would take to this new method of training and dieting. But, week after week I saw the progress and 6 weeks later and 20 lbs lighter I stepped on stage for the first time. By the time I stepped off for the final time that night I had 3 trophies -- 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in my three classes.

Steve more than lived up to the hype that I had heard about him. The crazy thing is that we only had 6 weeks to work together and that's how good we did. Thank you so much Steve for coaching me and giving me the confidence to step on that stage.

Tim McClellan
First Place, Novice Men’s Physique Class C
2014 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships

KyFitness Coach Competition CoachIs producing one champion after another a mere coincidence? I think not!

Steve has done it over and over again, and that’s why I hired him. And he did the same for me!

If you're looking for a coach who will go that extra mile, then Steve is your man.

I just achieved a win at The Kentucky Derby Championships, but leading up to the show I fell off the wagon for a week or so. If it wasn't for Steve getting on my case and telling me he believed in me, then I wouldn't have achieved what I did.

It's simple as this: Want to be the best? Get trained by the best!

Thanks Coach!

Tristen Hines
First Place, Men’s Physique Class A 2013 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships


Phil Palmer KyFitness Coach Competition Coach
I have been an NPC competitor for two years now. What a difference my second year made, after I hired Steve to coach me!

I would have to compare Steve to the "DOC" from Back to the Future! He's been there, done that, and will continue to succeed with anyone’s personal goals. I never viewed Steve as a trainer, I saw him as a life coach taking me on a journey which awarded me 1st place in the 2013 Men’s Physique Masters Division at the Derby Festival Championships this spring. There was so much I learned and there is more to learn. Why try to train yourself on GOOGLE when you can contact Steve?

Phillip Palmer
First Place, Men’s Masters Physique
2013 Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships


Rob Miller Steve Weingarten Louisville Personal Trainer
After lifting weights for more than 30 years, I was in a state of disappointment. Yes I was strong, but you sure couldn't tell it. I had listened to all the free "gym advice" and nothing seemed to work as far as getting rid of the fat covering up muscle I'd worked so long to acquire. My wife, a seasoned and successful bodybuilder, suggested that I get a trainer. She suggested Steve, given his past success as a bodybuilder and his years as a trainer.

I hired Steve to get me in some kind of decent shape. I found him very knowledgeable, easy to talk with, and a no-pressure type of trainer. He tweaked my workout plan and completely changed my diet. Those were the two missing links!! He monitored my weight on a weekly basis and calculated my body fat about every three weeks. Those two things held me accountable to both Steve and myself. No cheating with the meals and no skipping cardio because the scales and calipers would give me away. Using Steve's program and with his guidance I lost 40 lbs and reduced my body fat from over 28% to 8%!!!

As I prepared for the 2014 NPC Derby Classic Championship Physique Masters in April, Steve guided me through the entire process. I knew nothing about how to prepare, how to pose, or what to expect on-stage, but Steve had answers to all my questions. I think he must have a crystal ball because all his predictions came to pass.

I had resisted spending money on a trainer for years thinking what could they possibly know that I already hadn't heard at the gym or read in a magazine. I was mistaken. Hiring Steve was a definite positive return on my investment as the photographs clearly show. His rates are very reasonable and I feel as if I got more than I paid for. If you are serious about your physique and your health, I highly recommend Steve as someone who can change your life in a positive way. I'm living proof that even at 57, it's never too late to achieve one's goals.

Rob Miller
First Place, Master’s Men’s Physique 45+
2014 NPC Kentucky Derby Festival Bodybuilding Championships