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My Advice/Tips Included In New Fitness Book!

Top Trainers Answer your Fitness and Nutrition QuestionsI’m excited to announce my involvement in the new book, “Top Trainers Answer Your Fitness and Nutrition Questions.”

The 126-page book was just published by Regency Publishing.

I’m one of ten trainers from across the USA and Canada selected to contribute.  Each of us has our own chapter in the book, which follows a question-and-answer format.

The publishers requested my participation last fall and forwarded a list of questions to answer, including:

“Why do people have a hard time losing belly fat?”

“Is it true that it’s good to have a cheat day where people can eat whatever they want once a week?

“Do people really lose muscle mass as they age?”

I offer my perspective on these and thirteen other questions frequently asked by clients and prospective clients.

The chapters featuring the other trainers follow a similar format.  None of us were asked the same question, so the book really does offer a wealth of information to anyone looking for answers to basic questions about fitness, working out, and nutrition.

The back cover explains why this fitness book is different from others already on the market:

Each day, it seems like another book about getting in shape hits the bookshelves.  Among this ocean of information, it becomes difficult to navigate to the practical, useable information. Additionally, the endless volumes of information on working out and eating right often seem to be in conflict with one another.  How is the average person, therefore, supposed to know which advice to follow and which advice to ignore? 

The answer is that you have to go directly to real world experts, who spend their day-to-day lives working directly with their clients, on their clients’ fitness and nutrition goals. The real world experts that we’ve interviewed in this book do not spend their days on book tours, at book signings, or producing the next DVD infomercial product. The experts in this book are real life personal trainers, who spend their days in the gym, with their clients.

Top Trainers Answer Your Fitness and Nutrition Questions asks the real questions that people really want to know.  Inside, we’ve grilled each personal trainer with the tough questions that the everyday person wants to know. If you’re looking to gain some of the best tips and advice from the personal trainers who are “in the trenches” with their clients each day, you’re going to love this book.

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