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What My Clients Say



I was in search of a good coach to help with my prep when a friend recommended Steve. After meeting with Steve, I felt confident I had found a good coach by the questions he would ask to understand what my goals for the show were and what exactly I was trying to accomplish. Through my contest prep, there was a time when my body stopped responding to our plan. I stopped dropping weight and my energy level plummeted. Steve closely monitored me for the next few days and found a solution. Within the second day of changing my meal plan around, I starting regaining my energy and started dropping weight again.

My goal for the show was to come in first place in my weight class for novice and open. Well, thanks to Steve and his guidance I was able to achieve my goal. I couldn’t have been more please with the outcome. Not only do I have a life long coach, I also have a life long friend.

Neal Miller

First Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
Best Conditioned Athlete
2018 NPC Tricky Jackson Bodybuilding Classic

First Place Lightweight Bodybuilding
2018 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Novice Bodybuilding Winner
First Place, Lightweight Bodybuilding
First Place, Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding
2017 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships