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What My Clients Say



This year I competed in my first two shows, Kentucky Natural and Kentucky Muscle. Having never competed before, I was beyond lost on how to prepare. Fortunately, a couple months prior to my first show I was introduced to Steve Weingarten.

Steve was able to assess my physique and come up with a diet/training regime to optimize what little time I had before my first show. He put me on a trial diet to determine how my body would respond to different carb/water ratios. He adjusted my training to include a new cardio program and tweaked my lifting program. He customized my peak week diet timing my peak perfectly. Steve was able to maximize my body’s potential allowing me to walk on stage with the utmost confidence.

His unrivaled expertise and easy-going nature makes him an amazing coach and trainer. I am looking forward to seeing how Steve’s guidance shapes me for this next season!

Eric Slover

Overall Winner and First Place Class F, Open Men’s Physique
Overall Winner and First Place Class C, Masters Men’s Physique
2015 NPC Kentucky Muscle Bodybuilding Championships

Overall Winner and First Place Class C, Open Men’s Physique
Overall Winner Men’s Masters Physique
Overall Winner Men’s Novice Physique
Overall Winner Men’s True Novice Physique
2015 NPC Natural Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships