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What My Clients Say



I did my research when I chose Steve as my personal trainer. I wanted a trainer that would meet me where I was and design a personalized program. I was worried that, as a former college athlete, who was now in my 40’s and overweight and out of shape, that I would be treated as a coach potato. However, it was also important not to be asked to do things that were unsafe or unrealistic. Steve recognized immediately what motivates me and designed a program that would capitalize on my ability to build muscle and develop strength. My body transformed its’ shape almost immediately. Steve and I have been working together for over 4 years and I have lost 40 pounds, 3 suit sizes, and regained a level of fitness that works for me. He has also had patience throughout my ups and downs and has supported me to continue working toward my goals. Having had many trainers throughout my athletic career, I can truly say that Steve is by far the most knowledgeable and best trainer in the business.

Leslie Texas
Louisville, KY