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What My Clients Say



I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and severe adrenal exhaustion. Crucial to my recovery is supervised exercise involving proper weight training technique. I know now that investing in a properly trained, knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer is investing in myself. In retrospect, I wish I had done this earlier in life for it could have prevented my adrenal issues.

I could not risk my time and health choosing just any trainer. I had an advantage of knowing Steve Weingarten and his ethics for almost two decades and I did my research before I chose him as I would with any doctor before treatment or surgery. Without any doubt, I trusted Steve and his integrity stood out with everything he did while working with me.Steve was very astute in assessing my abilities and built a plan that was "personalized" just for me. Steve did his research concerning my illness and I felt I was in the safest hands.??Steve's articulation and honesty gave me great understanding in what I needed to know and put me at ease. He was integral in meeting my goals in a healthy, ethical, realistic and safe way. Steve does so in such an effortless way and with a great sense of humor. Steve Weingarten is also the athletic and strength trainer for my 13 year old daughter. As a mother, need I say more?

Tiffany Blunk Guerrero RN, BSN
Sellersburg IN