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Meet Steve

Steve Weingarten began his fitness career in the 1980s as an exercise instructor for European Health Spas.  Within 6 months, recognizing his skill in designing exercise programs and training clients, the company promoted Steve to chief instructor, putting him in charge of training all of the club’s instructors as well as select clients.

After more than two decades helping people lose weight, strengthen muscles, and improve their health, Steve knows how exercise can change lives for the better.  He’s taught numerous clients how to manage diabetes and other medical conditions through exercise and nutrition.

Formerly an adjunct instructor of personal training at Daymar College, Steve helped prepare the next generation of personal trainers for successful careers in the fitness industry.

Steve earned the prestigious CPT designation from the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2000.  He’s a contributing author to the 455-page book “Maximize Your Training,” published by Masters Press and available nationwide at Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores. And he was featured in “Top Trainers Answer Your Fitness and Nutrition Questions,” published February 2012 by Regency Publishing.

As a competitive bodybuilder, Steve earned many first place awards, including the Mr. Kentucky (Welterweight Class) title in 2006. He has been featured in several internet-based publications, including Beverly International Nutrition’s No-Nonsense Newsletter.

Steve is currently training clients in Louisville, Kentucky, writing articles for nationally distributed fitness magazines, and completing his book  Fitness Now: A  Step-by-Step Guide From Fatness to Fitness, an easy-to-follow workout-and-nutrition tutorial for busy individuals.