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Whether you’re competing for the first time or seeking to improve on your previous best condition, I can coach you to your goal.

As a successful bodybuilding competitor myself, I know what it takes to achieve ultimate stage readiness. And, as an NPC judge, I can show you how to present yourself to the judging panel with maximum impact.

Dieting, training, posing/presentation… I’ll cover everything you need to do to show up on stage at your best!



This is the “make-or-break” aspect of contest prep.  If your diet isn’t on point, you won’t be either.

You can’t starve yourself into contest shape.  To diet properly, you have to know how many calories to start with, and how to properly arrange your macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats).  You have to know how and when to lower (and RAISE!) calories and rearrange your macronutrient ratios.  And you have to know how and when to incorporate cheat meals or refeeds.

It’s truly a science, and the vast majority of competitors get it wrong as evidenced by the relatively few who step on stage in truly awesome condition.

I’ll take the guesswork out of dieting by telling you exactly what, how much, and when to eat from the beginning of your prep until the moment you take the stage.



Contest training can be tricky.  You want to go “all-out,” but continuously doing so as your calories drop closer to the show can backfire.  Your goal at this point is to maintain the muscle you’ve already built. You’re not going to grow while on a contest diet. Nor can you “carve” definition into your muscles with certain exercises or techniques.  Definition comes through dieting and (to a lesser extent) cardio.

Contest training should reflect these realities and serve to maintain your existing muscle without overly depleting your energy.

If you’re not sure how to do that, I can show you.

“Peak Week”

No aspect of contest prep is filled with more bizarre rituals, “bro-science,” dangerous practices and outright bullshit than the final-week countdown.

Competitors hear others discussing all kinds of outlandish methods for handling water  (“Do I stop drinking 3 days before the show?”), sodium (“No salt for the last 6 weeks, right?”) carbs  (“When do I carb load…when…when…when?”) and other last-minute minutia.

The truth is, if you’re ready, you’re ready.  And if you’re not, no amount of crazy, pseudo-scientific voodoo will make you ready.

The final week is the icing on the cake… it gives you that last little bit of “polish” that signifies a stage-ready physique.  And, rather than being complicated, it’s all disarmingly simple.

 I’ll tell you exactly what to do.

 No guesswork, no “bro-science”…. Just 100% tried-and-true, scientifically validated instructions.


This is the time for growing and improving your weak points.  Too many competitors, though, “bulk up” and gain too much fat during the offseason.  Then they have to diet so hard for their next prep that they lose all the new muscle they labored for.

I can set you up with an offseason training/eating plan that will help you add muscle while keeping lean.


The way you conduct/hold yourself onstage can definitely affect your placing.  As an NPC judge, I see many competitors who place lower than they should because they don’t show their physiques properly.  A change in arm position… a slight twist of the hips here… a nuance there… it can make a difference.

Since I know exactly what the judges are looking for, I can show you how to display the results of your hard work with maximum impact.


  • Offseason Diet – $4725
  • Pre-contest Diet (12-16 weeks)- $675
  • Training Programs – $175
  • Training Sessions With Me – $60 / Session

What My Clients Say


Autumn Cleveland KyFitness Coach Competition Coach
I had originally hired Steve in 2010 to work with me for the Kentucky Muscle. He introduced me to new training methods for a few months of my off-season, and he really impressed me with his knowledge when it came time to get into competition condition. We communicated a lot via email, but we met in person often to do body fat assessments and to discuss the plan in detail.

In 2012, I decided to try doing my own competition prep, but it was because of everything that Steve had taught me that I was successful that year. I learned so much from him when we worked together previously and he still gave me advice and suggestions to help me do my best, even while I was experimenting on my own. I had a great year of competing, and won my height class in the Open Figure at the Northern Kentucky Championships (2012) then continued to NPC Nationals (2012).

Now, with some experience under my belt, I have chosen Steve again to guide me to my absolute best package this year for the 2014 Kentucky Derby Festival Championships and then Junior USA's. For the last 4 years, Steve has been my trainer, my coach, my mentor, and I consider him a guru in this sport. I chose him as my coach because he is professional, realistic, and honest. Steve also constantly stays on top of current research pertaining to exercise science and competition prep methods.

One of the most important things I notice with Steve, is that he does not just hand out the same protocol to his athletes. He understands that individuals have different needs and he tailors their prep down to a "T." He also uses great judgment when it might be time to "break the rules" or try a different approach and he does it with confidence. I have always felt that no matter what my goal is at the time, that he actually takes the time and energy to figure out what works for ME.

Even more important, he respects that I am a natural athlete and doesn't push shortcuts or "enhancements." Steve has never steered me wrong and I am honored to have learned so much from such an intelligent person in this sport. I know that teaming up with him is one of the smartest thing I could do for myself, as an athlete, and I can't wait to see what happens in the future!

Autumn Cleveland
Fourth Place, Class B, Figure
2015 NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championships

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