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I enjoy bicycling, but haven’t ridden much over the last few years because my bike, an old racing cycle, just isn’t comfortable any more. The extreme bent-over position puts too much stress on my arms, upper back and neck, making riding more of a chore than a joy.

Decided to put my economic stimulus check to good use and bought myself a new bike. It’s a Trek FX7.3, a hybrid two-wheeler with many of the speed and performance features of a racing bike. But the riding position is more upright, making it comfortable for long rides and commuting. It’s a cool-looking bike too.

Biking is a great cardio workout and terrific for strengthening the legs too. And I’d forgotten how much fun it is.

With the price of gas skyrocketing, I’m seeing more and more bicyclists on the roads. I’m thinking of using my bike for part-time commuting, especially when I travel to the gym to train clients. It’s an easy four-mile ride.

If you’re looking for a way to fit more exercise into your life, maybe part-time commuting by bike is the answer.

July 21, 2008 | News | Comments Off on Two-Wheelin’

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