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An Awesome Success Story!

The vast majority of my clients are folks who are already engaged in fitness when they come to me. They seek my help to take their fitness to a higher level.

Each year I sign on a number of clients who are starting their fitness journey at square one. As most trainers will attest, these clients tend to have a high drop-out rate. Even after seeing quick, measurable progress, many of these people succumb to the same excuses that got them unfit to begin with…”I don’t have the time”…… “It’s too hard to work out”… “I’ll return to working out when my life is less hectic”….etc.

Unfortunately, there’s just no way to motivate someone who simply refuses to exercise and eat right.

A truly motivated client, though, can achieve astonishing results.

I’d like to tell you about one such client.

Chris contacted me in January and we met at a coffee shop to discuss his situation. At age 48, Chris had hammered out a successful business career and was a dedicated husband and father, but his health was in serious jeopardy. Weighing 340 pounds, he was pre-diabetic, hypertensive, and had sky-high cholesterol and triglycerides. His back ached, and a short walk left him badly out-of-breath. His physician had just told him that he was on the verge of becoming a full-blown diabetic, with other serious health issues just around the corner.

Chris wanted my help, but he also expressed reservations as to whether or not he could stick with an exercise program and diet.

The alternative, I reminded him, was a continuous decline in his health.

He agreed, and said he wanted to lose 100 pounds in a year. I said that was doable, given enough effort plus attention to diet.

I asked him to meet me in the gym 2 days a week, to start. I also asked him to find 2 other days a week to walk fast for 20 minutes on his home treadmill.

The workouts were very easy at first. As the weeks passed,and his fitness levels gradually rose, I intensified the workouts to keep them challenging. Chris also gradually increased the time and intensity on his treadmill at home.

And, of course, he adopted a healthy calorie-controlled approach to eating.

Chris made the commitment and stuck with it. I can count on one hand the number of sessions Chris has missed since we started.

Now, just over 8 months later, Chris is 92 pounds lighter. He’s going to beat his goal of 100 pounds in one year.

He’s the type of client who makes what I do so rewarding.

And I hope he serves as a source of inspiration to those of you who know you should start exercising, but always find excuses to put it off.

October 25, 2011 | News | Comments Off on An Awesome Success Story!

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